Woof of mouth. Hear straight from our pack and their parents how our food has changed the quality of their lives. 


Staffordshire Terrier Mix


Fetch is perfect for my dog’s needs and mine! I’ve always wanted to treat my dog like an equal part of the family and Fetch provides another way to do just that! I love that my dog is eating the same quality food I go to pick up for myself each week but LaLa’s meal prep is done for me! 
LaLa is drooling for this food before it even hits the bowl! Finding the right dog food for LaLa has been a challenge, having some food allergies, but she has taken to Fetch really well! Poops are even looking better! Supporting Local just got a whole lot easier! Thank you Fetch Bda!


Yellow Lab


Winnie has loved her first week with Fetch! She took to the Fetch food right away without any hesitation and she had no tummy issues - in fact her # twos seemed smaller and healthier! We found the feeding guide to be easy to follow and the transition from kibble to Fetch was simple and smooth! Winnie is a fan of Fetch! 


Yorkshire Terrier


Milo has a sensitive tummy and so food wasn’t a joy for him. He would look and simply walk away until he was very hungry. Or he would eat and be very sick. Then we discovered FETCH! I loved how informed this company was on the needs of my dog and the support they gave while transitioning to fresh food. Now I giggle when I see his little tail wag with excitement. He’s up on his hind legs as if to say YES, dinner time! Fetch is the best decision we could have made for him. The evidence is his empty bowl, beautiful coat and boundless energy. Milo thanks you too Fetch.


Rhodesian Ridgeback


Hendrix was a huge fan of both the beef and chicken recipes! From the farm fresh human grade food to the amazing service, every aspect exceeded expectations. Definitely a business I would recommend to any dog owner that is looking for healthier feeding options for their pup. The food is all natural and includes a variety of vital ingredients. Nicole and Jasmine are fantastic! Thanks Fetch!


Yorkshire Terrier


Fetch! I am so pleased with the amazing quality of food that Koda is getting from fetch! Knowing that she is getting farm fresh ingredients carefully crafted straight to her bowl is completely satisfying! After a week Koda is absolutely loving feeding time and I know her tummy is thrilled about it too!! I’m looking forward to seeing whatever fetch has in store for my little fur baby and will definitely be staying tuned for more of their products!!